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Digitalizing AEG’s Agronomic Support

Agro Expert Group, a Russian company specializing in producing and selling crop protection products and micro fertilizers, and providing comprehensive agronomic support, and Intterra, a Russian developer of innovative agricultural solutions, have signed an agreement for the phased implementation of the SkyScout Advisor app. This app is developed by Intterra and designed to improve the quality and efficiency of agronomic support.

Under this partnership, during the 2020 season, SkyScout Advisor will be used on more than 500 thousand ha of crop acreage at more than 30 farms that are Agro Expert Group partners. And by 2022, this solution should be used on 10 million ha, which will allow delivering innovative services to more than 80% of AEG’s customers.

SkyScout Advisor means:

  • Continuous field monitoring: AEG’s agronomy advisors will be able to detect and diagnose crop development issues.

  • Choosing fields to be tended to through field condition rating and further planning of a visit by an AEG’s agronomist.

  • Detecting hidden field issues.

  • Automated visit reporting through in-built inspection methodology for each crop.

  • Full access to the results of field visits and conducted technological operations.

  • Possibility of remote diagnostics and agronomic support in real time.

  • Full field history, information about cultivation issues and phytosanitary status, which will help Agro Expert Group’s experts to develop protection and nutrition schemes best adapted to the farm’s conditions and tasks when planning the season.

The farms’ agronomists will also be able to use SkyScout to obtain field visit reports and recommendations from Agro Expert Group’s experts in a completely new digital format with clear indication of the fields and detected issues. SkyScout will allow them to carry out field visits, record the performed operations, and plan new ones, including based on the received recommendations.

SkyScout will take agronomic support valued by our customers to an entirely new level in terms of speed and quality. We believe that it will boost volumes and improve the quality of our customers’ crops, which is what we are striving for in our work.

Source: Agro Expert Group

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