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IntTerra adds weather monitoring by Pessl

The Russian agricultural technology company IntTerra announced that as part of supplementing its platform by the same name with solutions by the best industry leaders, it has added the integration of detailed high‑precision data provided by the iMETOS weather stations by the leading Austrian developer Pessl.

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It is planned that the owners of these stations will be able to receive an advanced flexible analysis of weather data provided by devices installed in the field. Pessl weather stations collect data, while the IT services by IntTerra analyze them and give users consistent scenarios and recommendations for working in the field.

According to IntTerra, the company continues to develop the ecosystem model on its platform and gradually introduce not only new software functions but also integrate more and more devices. This partnership with Pessl is continuing the integration of partners who are recognized leaders in their categories into the system.

The company’s representatives also said that this partnership is based on the task to meet the growing demand for high-precision weather data from the platform’s users.

The initial functionality of the iMETOS stations allows tracking weather changes, precipitation, leaf wetness, and total solar radiation.

IntTerra is able to supplement this information with analytics from its SkyScout service, built-in digital agriculture reference books and satellite image interpretation modules (including those received from Planet Labs, the world’s largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites).

Data received from iMetos allow predicting diseases, while satellite imagery analysis tools allow tracking their spread in the field and timely coming up with the best scenario for prevention.

Such a combination of these two analytical tools opens new opportunities for agronomic analysis, helps get clearer spatial information, including taking into account time and the crop care history in a given field.

Taken together, weather data provided by Pessl through IntTerra increase the accuracy and efficiency of farmers’ decisions.

«Precise weather tracking is as important for an agronomist as it is for a mountain climber. An incorrect weather prediction may cost a mountain climber their life. If an agronomist misses something about the weather or the risk of disease in the field, if they do not treat the field with crop protection agents, they may lose the entire crop,» said an IntTerra expert explaining the importance of weather analysis.

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