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Syngenta and Intterra Sign a Partnership Agreement

Syngenta, one of the world’s leaders in the production of crop and seed protection products, and Intterra, a Russian developer of innovative agricultural solutions, have concluded an agreement for joint use and marketing of the SkyScout Advisor digital system for increasing farming efficiency and the efficiency of Syngenta’s technical support. Implementation of this system allows achieving the best results from using high quality hybrids and crop protection products.

The pilot system was launched in 2018, and the full-scale deployment of SkyScout Advisor to cover the whole of Russia, including the Far East, began in January 2019. The target is to connect more than 100 farmers and cover 2 million ha of agricultural land in 2019. SkyScout Advisor already increases technical support efficiency by 30–40% and will bring farmers an economic benefit of 500 to 1,000 rubles per hectare through additional revenue, thanks to higher crop yield and optimum allocation of budgets for plant protection products, fertilizers, and other technologies.

“Syngenta is an important partner for us. We made many changes to our application and tuned it to the company’s requirements during the tests we conducted in 2018. Today, SkyScout Advisor is a unique product that fully meets our customer’s agronomic support needs. In 2019, we will provide our joint services to more than 100 farmers. This is only the beginning. We are confident that farmers will highly appreciate this service, which means that we will be able to reach the goal of 10–15 million ha soon. Of course, it will only be possible if all stakeholders learn to utilize the full potential of the service and extract the maximum benefit,” says Intterra CEO Vitaliy Buzu.

“First and foremost, this solution is aimed at improving the quality of technical support that Syngenta provides to its customers. It will be available to our field experts and farm agronomists, which will allow establishing instant two-way contact and quickly respond to changes in the fields, thereby maximizing the possible effect of using our products. Ultimately, it will bring our customers more profits. Cooperation with Intterra will allow us to make a giant step towards the introduction of digital agriculture systems in Russia,” said Jonathan Brown, head of Syngenta in Russia.

“Discussions on digital agriculture are now commonplace at the Where The Margin Is conference, and I would like to say that the progress is apparent. In recent years, key players have moved from general discussions about a bright future coming soon to extensive measures for the introduction and practical use of information technologies. The partnership between Syngenta and Intterra announced today is a great example of implementing established technologies on a new professional level and on a greater scale. Interestingly, Syngenta decided to use software developed by Russian developer Intterra, which is most likely better suited for the Russian environment than similar foreign products. And of course, Syngenta has once again highlighted its image as a leader in horticulture technologies, which makes me believe that it is only the first, and other market players will soon follow in its steps,” said Dmitry Rylko, General Director of the Institute for Agricultural Market Studies.

Source: https://agroday.ru/press/singenta_i_intterra_podpisali_soglashenie_o_partnyorstve/?fbclid=IwAR3RRuQcCgBC1_XDz7xItAdeODZkgfM_tZQeD6zBzplQQlYpgEi1PdENjmE

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